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My name is Nina Stoyanova. I am 26 years old and I have a master’s degree in marketing. I work in finance area as a documents specialistand office manager, but for some time I’m spending more time on bakery too. At the beginning it was only during my free time, but in the last few years I developed my passion and it is now part of my career. Basically I’m an artistic person and art has always been present in my life – in the form of painting, music and more. I am interested in cooking from a very early age, especially in baking and cakes. I like to recreate my ideas and expressions on sugar and thus bring a special mood to any celebration, especially birthdays. I think this day is very special for everyone and great way to bring a unique atmosphere by creating cakes that re-creat part of someone’s character, everyday life, hobby or something special that make this person happy. Creating cakes always gives me great pleasure and fun so I decided to share my art with the world. Cupcakes are my favourite part of birthday bakery, wonderful decoration and addition to any occasion and I dedicated my time to develop this passion.

The initial idea for creating this website came through encouragement and support of all my friends and family. I will try to gather my best recipes, cooking ideas, baking tips so everyone will enjoy their stay here.

I will be glad to receive any advice and comment you want to share with me.

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