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The variety in the world of children’s birthday cupcakes is great. One thing unites them – they are all beautiful and. .. very, very tasty. Birthday cake is one of the most important thing. Cake should delight all guests and at the same time impress the children at the birthday. The child must be surprised with the most original and most delicious cake. This can combine your favorite children’s movie or cartoon character with a taste of homemade cakes.

In the next few articles i will try to combine interesting and healthy recipes with decoration ideas that corresponds to the theme and ingredients of the birthday cupcakes. Do not forget that baby should also try his first cake so the best idea is to create one baby size “bigger cake” that the baby should destroy personally by eating and smashing and many smallest birthday cupcakes for the guests to try.

There are all kind of babies. Some are fussy, some are quietly smiling, baby’s personality is blooming during this first year of life . Some like to wear them on parent’s hands, some to eat more, others to ride in the car. Some like the warm embrace of their mother, others have fun with their dad in the bathroom or walks in the park. We can re – create part of their personality on the birthday cupcakes.




We can also re-create something they like most – a toy, beautiful doll, favourite object baby likes to play with.

Despite of their early age babies are able to recognize similar objects and colours, things that draw their attention. So you can bring your baby more fun and joy by creating birthday cakes that look like their favourite thing – a toy character, character from a baby book or object of their everyday life.

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